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Looking for recommendations of where to go?

The Sally app contains 30+ hand-picked routes across 16+ countries. All the routes include must-see stops and places to stay the night en route. And you can book your place to stay right from the app!

Sally can help you find routes through beautiful scenic landscapes with cultural and culinary delights. Other routes let you follow historic stories. Keen drivers will delight in routes along deserted twisty tarmac. Regional tours allow for a closer look around.

Curated routes include:
North Coast 500 in ScotlandWild Atlantic Way in IrelandRoute 1 around IcelandAmalfi Drive in ItalyRomantische Strasse in Germany . . . ...and many more!

Want to find a place to stay without cutting your day short?

All of Sally’s routes recommend conveniently located hotels and other great stopovers for the night. Stopovers are all spaced a comfortable day’s drive apart, so you won’t have to miss any sights or head off for miles and miles in the wrong direction.

Even if you’re following a Sally route to somewhere very remote, she’s got a place listed so you don’t need to worry.

You can book all your stopovers directly through yourself, keeping costs down.

Want to get out the city for the weekend?

If you lead a busy life and can’t get away for long, Sally has a selection of fantastic shorter escapes from the city.

These routes are ideal for a weekend drive out of the city, or just a short flight or train away if you want to hire a car.

Just like the longer routes, Sally has prepared a selection of things to see and places to stay the night. You’d be surprised at the number of fun twisty drives and interesting sights that can easily be enjoyed in a weekend.

More daring? Let’s get off the beaten track together

Even for seasoned explorers, planning a more adventurous trip always requires a lot of time and effort. While dogeared maps and guide books are really great, when you’re on the road it’s sometimes nice to make your life a little easier and less stressful. It is the twenty-first century after all!

Sally was born with big adventures in mind. Grab your friends, jump in the car – and let’s go! The routes you'll find in Sally have been curated by us especially for you. How do we know they’re good? We’ve driven them ourselves!

Road trips are a special way to travel. Bring your friends!

Nothing brings friends together like a group adventure. No need to leave all the planning and booking work to one person any more, let Sally show you the road ahead. Even if you’ve never planned a trip like this before, Sally’s routes let you get off the beaten track with the security of knowing Sally’s checked it out already before you.

Be spontaneous. Most routes can be enjoyed with minimal planning – just jump in the car and go!

You can book all of your stopovers directly through yourselves, often with last minute availability and free cancellation, keeping costs down.

Be an eco-road warrior! ✌️

No one is pretending that driving has zero impact on the environment. But if you’re going long distance on your own schedule then filling the car with friends and taking a road trip can have serious environmental savings when compared to long-haul jet travel.

Less flying means more local. If you try to shop local, why not explore local too? Sally has chosen the initial routes across a large number of countries so that adventurers like you have a greater opportunity to explore your own back yard. More countries coming soon!

Sally also has some great routes with electric cars specifically in mind coming soon.

Let Sally take you back to the future

Road trips are part of our generation’s cultural consciousness, but planning the old-fashioned way can be a massive pain. Sally wants to help you enjoy the backroads, and to see places you thought you already knew from a new perspective. Jetting off to a beach can get boring – you only live once.

Self-driving cars are on the horizon. Sally has this in mind even with today’s planned road trips. A future self-driving Sally is looking forward to being able to take over those boring motorway cruises, enabling so many more people to enjoy our favourite way of seeing the world.

Oops, you're too quick for us!

We're just putting the finishing touches on both our iPhone and Android versions. If you would like to test out Sally before we go live, please register as a beta tester.

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