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Trip planning made easy

Sally creates your personalised travel itinerary in one simple step. Even if you have young children or dogs the whole trip will be suitable for everyone to enjoy.That means everything's planned and ready to go. The second step is all yours.

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Escape London this weekend

Forget a city break, aeroplanes are so 2019. Sally finds your new favourite local places and takes you on an immersive journey. Sally shows you where to stay, what to do and who to meet!

Your mission? Make memories

If the recent coronavirus restrictions taught us anything it's the value of quality time together with our loved ones. Inspired, Sally uses AI specifically optimised for fun and delight.Spot a grey cloud on the horizon? Whatever the problem, chat the Sally team in-app for a quick change of plan in the moment. Time is precious.

Co-founder Itai and Hummus the Pug, Sally mascot.
A lovely valley somewhere in England

Embrace your inner eco-warrior

Probably the only type of warrior you should try to embrace. Even if coronavirus hadn't grounded all the planes, local travel is much friendlier for the environment.You'll be surprised with what is on your doorstep (not literally – that would be creepy). This is your moment to discover what's out there.

You're a traveller, not a tourist

Sally partners with independent businesses so you can eat, drink, shop and do like a local*.*Regional accent not included.

Sally doesn't grow blueberries, but if she did they'd be the best blueberries in the world!
Escape the Everyday Responsibly – VisitBritain VisitEngland
Geovation London Member
Madeira Startup Retreat participant
YCombinator Startup School (YC SUS 2018 Group 87)
Hummus the Pug trying hard to master this selfie business!

Win by sharing a trip selfie! 🀳


  1. Plan your trip on the Sally app for this Saturday

  2. Take a selfie during your trip

  3. Share it on Instagram with the hashtag #SallySelfieSaturday

That's all there is to it. We will be in touch with the week's winners by the end of the following Sunday. Weekend sorted.

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Right now, thousands of people are looking for unique local businesses like yours. We can help them find you.Sally asks travellers what kind of experience they are looking for and suggests tailored itineraries to match.So whatever your business is, we can recommend you to interested customers who are heading your way.Join Sally businesses today for new customers tomorrow.

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It's time to meet Sally πŸ™‹

Join other Sally businesses today and your next customers will be just a tap away.Schedule a demo with one of our team by filling out the form or by sending us your name and phone number in the chatbox.

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Staycations by Sally for Android is on its way!Be the first to hear about the release on our mailing list.No spam, just updates on Sally's journey and travel tips from our team (we are real people – you can even response and say hi!)

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